Saturday, October 16, 2010

awwww awwww awww 

ni bukan keje merepek kan . ni je kawan kawan yang slalu ada dengan aku . so , tak nak dia orang jauh . cehhh . ehemmm . yela .  nex year pon nak satu kelas jugak . tak kira . bayang kan la kalau kita orang di pisah kan kan ? erghhh . nak hentak hentak kaki biar retak simen sekolah tu . aku tak sanggup nak berpisah dengan dia orang . anddd the mostly is Mira . selama 4 tahun aku tak pernah tak satu kelas dengan dia . itu pon masa Form 1 . tapi darjah khas tetap samaa . 

well . u know me as well kan . yelaa . aku kan bertimbun timbun masalah hempap aku kan . budak budak ni laa yang selalu cheer me up babes . yeaaa . jugak Fad . ehemmm . yeaaa . sekarang pape pon dia orang patut tawu . lama lama simpan pon tak guna jugak kan . so , dia orang patut tawuu kan . aku rasa tetibe nak cakap in English la . yeaa . memperbaiki english aku yang daa kuno . berkurun lama nya tu . alaa . aku kan da selalu buat spice up . mesti bole punyee . alright man ? ehhh , women too ngeee . 

theres something that I want you to know guys , the great things in my life is you all . I never feel like this feeling before I meet you guys . it such a long time to get a true friends that can help me , can cheer me up with the new feelings . before this , I think I just have Mira . yeaa . because she the one that can understand me well . but now . it is all of you 

before this . my freaking 13 years was so bad damnably . I hate what had happened to me . it just a long time to see a big happiness get into my life . but , when Allah give me a new friends like you . I can feel my day is so well . you guys give me back all my spirit that have lost for the freaking 13 years .  and it like a magic . I thought I just have my Mira to tell all my problems . but , when you all came , and its like . wow ! I can release all my tensions in my head . 

you guys are with me in all times . where ever I need some one to tell my problem . I just give you a call . then , some of you will bright my life with a big and good spirit . u add some sweet in my life . you all make me laugh and happy for all the times that we had . I will never forget that babes . 

"I Love You Friends.. "

the 3 words in my life . before this . and one more time I say it . for the 13 freaking years before . I never and never get a true happiness with my friends . when I came to the secondary school . It was change . definitely change my life . I am more matured . I can think what is good and worse in my life . I meets many people that loves me . I get many sisters that always cheer me up when I am in trouble . like kak Ida and sys Amila  . they more understanding me well . cause they had been more bigger than me right ? and also My good bro . he is Zharif . he is the good bro as well guys . he always give me a good support when I'm in a big trouble . I Love them

and then , I meet my two news friends . yeaa they are AE and Aril . act , I just be friends with them . they are really can make me laugh . they always make me feel better . although they can't be with me for all the times . because two of them stay in JB . so I just tells my problem through the fb or contact them through the phone . and I Love them 

since that , I meet my new love with the person that really love me . I don't want to talk about my bf  for the past year . but this is my heart . and he love me so much . he is caring as well . he can take care of me well . he is good for me . and his name is Fadhli . yeaa . when he entered my life , I never felt alone . I never felt theres are no people that love me more . he is my sunshine . he bright all my days . he is good at all guys . and he is always with me where ever I need him . and I love him so much . 

where ever shits that happened in my life . I will try to be strong and stronger . yeaa . I have all people that care for me . that can help me . that never leaves me alone . that always cheer me up . and because of them I can go on with my life :)

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