Thursday, November 4, 2010


aku tak pernah cuba untuk Copy and paste muke aku jadi orang lain .

berbangga dengan apa yang Allah dah bagi dekat aku . ada ke patut kau perlu tanye soalan dekat formspring aku macam ni :

kau naampak tak ? 

Hello , because of that , I would like to introduce the Real nabila . please if you is hating me . just go and Blah with all your bullshit feelings . yeaa . I am what I am . I do not need to use anyone picture . Inclouding You ! . then ? how come you said like that . I do not know what I have done at you . but just wanna say that I am what I am . please okay . do not make any shit things on my formspring or facebook ,myspace or anything . get to the Hell okayy . 

I am not that stupid to use anyone face . err , please do not make me fell like you are something like rubbish . haa . do not make me things like that . please okay . the Real me is me . there are many people that had seen me .  ahaa . If you wanna make somethings shit on my website . err ,  don't talk at my back la dear . face to face la . 

gosh , who wanna use anyone picture ? You ! err , god . one more please , I am not the Hottest girl . like you . why ? jelouse on me ? gahhh , please lah . what the freak gila lah . errr , please go on with your way . I am on my way to my life . Get to my place . please . if you hate me , come and meet me , than delete me from your List loser . I also do not need some friends with you . 

You make me famous my Dear 

With love , nabila

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