Tuesday, March 8, 2011

God , save this memories .

Our relationship never end :)

                      Friend is likes bantal musukk . hehehehe . every night we well hug it . everyday we must sleep with it  . For sure , friend is everything . Everyone needs friend , for entire of their life . even our prophet needs friends . Being in a teen's life , friend is everything . Everything guys . We need friends to colour our life . Friend is more than siblings sometimes . actually , more than our parents , I guess . hehehe .

For me , friends are the best counselor of my life . yeahhh , every problem we have  a problem , who we'll going to ? Do you find your parents ? or your pet ? or , your enemies ? Think it , how friends are important to someone life . No friend , no laugh , tear , fight and happy . Friend is joy :) Just ask your life peeps , do you need your friends every single of your days ? 99.9 % will say . 'Yes' . do it prove you that friends are important ? I hope yes . hehehehe .

God sent friends to be loved not be hated . the life gonna be so bored if there is no friend . ooppss , actually why I'm talking about 'friend' in this post ? actually , I wants all my friends to know that I Love Them like a mother love her babies :)

    How can I say that I needs all of you for every single of my time ?  being your bestfriend not a stupid thing , but its something to be proud of . Do I looks likes I'm proud being your friend guys , I hope yes . hehehehehe . I needs a strange for my life , and I needs a rainbow in my hearts and its all about you guys . Everything wouldn't be happens if there is no friends like you all . Thak You again . 

   Pleasee , do not leave me and be sincerely in our best relationships :')

By the way , I Loves you friends 

Sorry , I'm not good in English . 

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